Wood Furniture: 3 Clever Methods To Make Use Of All The Space In Your Home

Space is never enough even when you have a lot to spare. No matter how small or unusual a room is, an open and creative mind will always see unused space changed from perfect to poky. The experts tell us how.

Solid Wood Furniture Extra Space Using Tips

Embrace Change
Wood furniture types that serve multiple purposes are everything and the new trend. Find a table that can work as a dining table and as a work desk, purchase a sofa that can be doubled as a guest bed or can also serve the purpose of a coffee table and bonus seats when a guest comes over.

Bare Walls
If your room feels messy, put your empty walls to use. They are good for more than just hanging inspirational wall hangings, you know!

  • Built-In Shelves – Built-in shelves or wall shelves are perfect for creating storage without any space away from the room.
  • Bar Racks – Kitchen cabinets are overflowing with pans and pots? Adding some barracks to your wall will make more storage space as well as quirky kitchen display.
  • Corner Shelves – Often left ignored to collect piles of dust, an empty corner shelf is a great way for additional shelving. Add some life to your oak living room furniture sets by adding some beautiful decoration items of the corner shelves.

Nothing makes a small space look smaller and more clustered – than being able to see everything. So consider all the covering methods available to you. Curtains and other fabric are great and easy to hang across doorways and over shelving. Invest in baskets and lidded boxes that you like the look of to hide loose matters is a great idea. Furniture with hidden storage, built-in is worth the investment.

OK – are you sick of hearing this? But to be honest, this is one of the best tips so far to maximise that space in your home. There are a lot of things in your house which need to be replaced or are just taking extra space in the store. We have posted about it tons of times, and indeed, there are plenty of tips to try out. But the most important advice is to have the ability to let go of stuff. Instead of holding to every object you own, it’s better to consider replacing it. Ask yourself “Do I need this?”

Hide Your Storage
It’s not necessary that all the items you are storing should be displayed. Wood furniture is an excellent piece for hiding things – you can help to protect baskets, shelves and the like for a clean look that still boosts storage.

  • Under The Bed – Its time to drain the dust bunnies and take benefit of the space under your bed. Under-bed storage is a smart way to keep your bedroom organised and tidy.
  • Open Shelves – change your bed base for open shelves. This creates piles of storage space and doubles as a cute shelf for your favourite books and houseplants.
  • Rolling Drawers – Sensible, right? Just grab yourself some old drawers or caster wheels from a local hardware shop, and you have got yourself some roller under-bed storage.

Home décor requires a lot of diversity and creativity to play around with styles and space to understand that best of your furniture. You need to experiment continually to achieve the ideal results. Do you have any kind space creating ideas, feel free to share them with us?

Top 5 Bedroom Furniture Units to Give Your Bedroom a Vintage Look

A bedroom is the most soothing place of our home. Be it, small or large, it gives you the most comfortable feeling when you are tired. A bedroom is a place which knows our every emotion. Whether we are sad, happy, bored, tired and angry; bedroom knows it all.

So, what makes the bedroom the best place of our house?

The answer would be “bedroom furniture” and “décor”.

There is no perfect idea of an ideal bedroom as everyone has a different style, taste, budget, room size etc, but there can be a perfect idea of bedroom furniture.

So, below the article, I have mentioned the furniture units which can convert your bedroom into a lavish & relaxing one.

Vintage lovers crave for the furniture which connects them with olden-golden era.

Every Furniture says something! So, let me unveil the bedroom furniture units and their significance.

Beds- Sleep, Relax & Repeat!

A bed is a king of the bedroom, and when we think of comfort and relaxation, the first furniture unit which comes in our mind is a bed. From providing a good night sleep to storing our seasonal clothing, beds are the superheroes of our bedroom. While we talk about vintage lovers, poster bed is the best choice.

Wardrobe- Be organized and Fashionista

We are good at creating a mess and to clean that mess wardrobe is the best solution. It can come out as a savior if you are a shopaholic. To give a vintage look to your bedroom, you can opt for a vintage styled wardrobe which has rounded legs and crafted designs over it.

Tip: Usually, the top surface area of wardrobes is plain, but in the vintage wardrobes, top area is curved.

Chest of Drawer- Create a Magnificent Corner

A vintage bedroom is incomplete without a magnificent corner, and you can create it with a chest of drawer. This furniture enhances the charm of a bedroom. This furniture is an artifact as well as a storage unit. It can be used as a perfect decorative piece for your bedroom and can also keep your small stuff.

You can opt mother of pearl chest of drawers and bone Inlay chest of drawers to give your bedroom a classy upgrade.

Dressing Table- Sit, Beautify and Motivate

A dressing table is a lot more than a furniture piece. It can give you, your best reflection. It also cuts out all the hurries you through while getting ready.

To give a vintage flair to your bedroom, you can opt Bohemian- style dressing table, which looks stylish and solves the storage issues.

Mirror Frames: Adore yourself & your walls

Your vintage look won’t be completed if your bedroom walls are empty. Nowadays, mirror frames are not only used to adore yourself but these are used to make a small room look big.

You can go for Boho styled mirror frames to make your room glow.

Add-Ons: Beautify Little More

Furniture units like footrest, stools, ottomans, room divider are various add-ons, which spill the spark in your bedroom. You can place these small units according to your style and need.

Solid Wood Garden Furniture: Things to Consider

Who doesn’t love their Garden? For some people, their Garden is their only place at their home where they can relax, think creatively and be close to nature. In the summer months, the amount of time we spend in our Gardens with our friends and family, have get-togethers and Barbeques is incredible. As such, choosing just the right Garden Furniture is not an easy task. There are multiple factors to think about: aesthetic things like the theme and colour scheme of your Garden, down to weathering effects like the climate, humidity and shielding the Garden offers from the elements. You can get an insight into the furniture world from the multiple resources available online if you have no prior experience in buying outdoor furniture. Solid Wood Garden Furniture should be your first choice if you would like to add the rustic look in to your Garden. More than that, you can buy cheap furniture online if you’re too busy to head out to a furniture market and search around every available piece.

Some people will spend a great deal when decorating their Garden, as they think of it as an extension to their home that therefore deserves the same amount of money spend on it. For some people, however, after spending hundreds of pounds on flowers, maintenance and getting a wonderful aesthetic to their Garden, looking for cheap furniture online seems like a far better idea. Whatever it is that you want to do with your Garden is up to you, but I think solid wood furniture is a great place to start looking. More than that; available in many designs and with a wonderful natural look, Teak is quickly becoming a popular choice for people looking for solid wood furniture.


Indoor furniture, it must be said has more items available than you ever imagine. When it comes to garden furniture however, there are admittedly less options, but that’s not to say there aren’t so many as to fill up your brain and make you wonder if this endeavour wasn’t a terrible idea from the start!

Let’s not forget as well that the furniture material is another aspect of this. Garden furniture has a wealth of options available: Solid Oak, Teak, Pine, Metal, Plastic, Wicker and Aluminium. There’s a lot of choices available and so it’s best to plan what style and material you want before heading off down this particular Rabbit hole.

Reasonable Price

Some people don’t think about price when buying Solid Wood Garden Furniture. For them, quality matters a lot than any other factor. We know however, that quality and price do not always go together. There are multiple ways out there to buy quality, durable furniture for low prices. There are many cheap furniture stores online which are selling Solid Wood Garden Furniture at very reasonable rates. You can also go for the option of used wood garden furniture which will also save you some money.


When it comes to solid hardwood furniture for garden, Teak is considered as one of the most reliable woods for outdoor use: It is resistant to decay and has naturally present silica which gives it anti-fungal properties. Solid Wood Garden Furniture built from Teak can bear harsh weather conditions and has the possibility to last for much longer compared to any other furniture material.


You need to consider the fact that wood garden furniture also needs maintenance. If you want your garden furniture to last longer, you will have to take good care of it with cleaning, applying protective coats and possibly even varnishing. Solid Wood Garden Furniture can avoid decay through these preventative measures in a much easier fashion than metal furniture can avoid rust. This again is a positive for wooden outdoor furniture.

Comfort Yourself With The Good Quality Sofa Sets

As we evolve, our home should too. Having comfortable furniture is important to improve the mood and quality of your home. Furniture is the heart of homes and offices. They add life to these places. Classy and fabulous furniture makes the place more productive. The furniture has equal importance both in home and offices. Comfortable and accessible furniture makes any space, the space that everyone can enjoy.

At home to greet the guest, to welcome them, to have some valuable chit chat with the guest, furniture plays an important role. The classy design and comfortable sofa sets make the gossip more attractive and enchanting. Chatting with your friends, sipping the tea or coffee over the comfortable and cushioned sofa, makes the topic of discussion more lively and delightful. On the other hand, if your friend is sitting in the uncomfortable position, the passionate discussion cannot stay long. The sofa sets that provide your body the right posture and put you in the restful zone, makes life without a doubt easy.

Moreover, if you are starting a new office, your reception should have a sofa, where people can sit. The way the reception is organized leaves the first impression on your guests. Not only the sofa sets, but other types of types of furniture are also an essential requirement for the corporate sectors. The furniture adorns the beauty of the place that helps in increasing the business productivity. The first impression on your client binds your customer to shake hands with you, for the various business proposals. Your client will make sure that you maintain your maximum business potential in the competitive market.

That is why to select the right furniture is important in every aspect. From the employee’s point of view, the employee’s comfort zone also enhances the productivity of the business. The comfortable chair and table, where they can sit and relax throughout the day, help them to focus more towards their business target. There are varieties of trendy furniture that are available in the market; you just need to share your requirement with the furniture manufacturer. According to the functionality of the place, furniture’s are defined and designed. So, feel free to contact the furniture outlets, to know more about the new and stylish furniture. Find the right furniture for you that can transform your home and office into the better place that creates the comfortable and attractive environment.

Convertible Sofa Bed For Guests And Small Spaces

Those who live in apartments, condos, or any small living space might find it difficult to find a place for overnight guests to sleep. Others who might need a sofa bed are those who simply like the idea of having an extra bed in the living room to nap on. A futon sofa is great for a living room, master bedroom, or even a larger sized children’s bedroom. They can be stylish as well as functional, and many of them have a very modern look.

A cheap sofa bed might usually look cheap in a living room that has a classic or Victorian style. Many of them look like ugly folded mattresses that would only be appropriate in a children’s room. This is why many people do not like the idea of a futon. However, nowadays it is much easier to find a sofa bed that works perfectly with most decors. The key is in the frame. Many futons are available with a classy wooden frame, especially one of real wood that can be stained to match any tables or living room furniture. A fold out sofa bed can function as the living room couch, and guests might be none the wiser at knowing that the furniture doubles as a bed.

The upholstery of the sofa bed could be tailored to match the fabric of the rest of the living room furniture if such fabric is available and a skilled tailor can be hired. When in doubt, a futon sofa that is upholstered with a solid color that coordinates the décor should work just swimmingly. Also look at the quality of the upholstery, and find out if it can be easily spot cleaned should it become stained. A futon that is often used for sleeping might have to be cleaned more often than a normal sofa. In most cases, the couch can simply be run over with a vacuum cleaner that has a living room furniture attachment. A leather sofa bed or sleeper will often have a special cleaner to be used on it. Also see about special conditioners to keep the leather in good shape.

A futon sofa for a child’s room can serve many purposes. It can be used during the day for naps and watching television, and used as a bed at night. It can be used as the primary sleeping area, or the child can have his or her own bed and a futon for sleepovers. There are smaller sofa beds that can be transformed easily by the child every night. Very small, cheap, inflatable sofa beds for younger children can not be used as permanent beds, as they are not usually easy to clean, but they are great for reinforcing nap times. Make sure that the bedding is comfortable and does not have any metal bars or uncomfortable springs.

How to Choose Between Sliding Door Wardrobes Over Hinged Door Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes, whether sliding or hinged, are built floor to ceiling and, where appropriate, can in most circumstances be wall to wall. Also, usually both types of wardrobe are built without backs or sides so that you maximise the storage space available. However, some customers prefer to have backs and sides in their wardrobes, which will of course impact on the storage space.

Both sliding door wardrobes and hinged door wardrobes are made-to-measure, so can fit almost any space. With both wardrobe options, you can choose from a number of interior storage options to accessorize with, including; long and short hanging, tie-racks, shoe-racks, trouser rails, draws, shelves and more, so this is no different in each case, however to help you choose:

Hinged Door Wardrobes

  • The depth for hinged wardrobes is usually up to 100mm less as their is no slider track.
  • Hinged wardrobe doors swing open so, although the overall depth of the wardrobe is less than a standard sliding wardrobe, the space required is usually more to take account of the door’s ‘swinging’ space.
  • Hinged doors usually have a maximum size of around 600mm (Approx. 2 foot), so as not to put too much weight on the hinges when they open.
  • Usually hinged wardrobes have a floor built-in at the height of a standard plinth of around 100mm, which will cut-down the hanging space marginally. However, where the ceiling height is around 2300-2400mm this does not normally pose a problem. Also, if necessary the floor height can be altered to suit the client’s requirements, subject to ceiling height.
  • With genuine made to measure fitted furniture there are no standard door sizes – so outside of the above maximum size and a practical reason for not having doors too small, hinged doors could be made to any size.

Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • Unlike hinged wardrobes, sliding doors don’t require space to open up into the room.
  • The standard depth of sliding door wardrobes is around 650mm (Approx. 26 inches), which allows for the running track for the sliding doors. This depth also allows for enough space so that the clothes are not caught by the doors, as they are slid opened or closed. However, if space is limited, then you can always have your clothes hung ‘back-to-front’ within the wardrobe, which is not as practical, but it does overcome a space problem and will reduce the depth required for the wardrobe.
  • With slider robes you have the option of going for bigger doors and much larger mirrors. Sliding doors can be made up to 1,200 in width, with a choice of mirror, panel, sculptured, frosted or colour glass. However, if cost is no object then slightly bigger doors can be made too.
  • No standard door sizes – our door sizes are totally adjustable and made to fit your space.
  • There are no floors in sliding door wardrobes so you get maximum storage facilities.

China Cabinets and Buffets for Your Dining Room

Although most people prefer to place their china cabinets and buffets in their dining room, this is not always possible, and such pieces of home furniture look just as good in a living room or lounge. There is a massive selection of display furniture available from furniture stores, although it is normal to purchase from a store in your own district.

Sure, there are lots of websites that enable you to select furniture from all over the country, but it is best if you see it in a showroom rather than make your selection from a website photograph. Colors can vary between websites and showrooms, and what looks fabulous online might look so good to you when you see it live.

Here are some ideas of the type of china cabinets and buffets that will likely be available from your furniture outlet. When looking at china cabinets online, make sure you know what you are looking at. Many come in sectional form, so that beautiful china cabinet you see might actually comprise a china hutch sitting on a buffet base. Each of these would be sold separately and you must check carefully so that you are aware of this.

China Cabinets and Buffets

These are often designed to stand against a wall, and the back might not be finished as well as the front. This is where it counts to check the item in a showroom, and not judge the cabinet by its photograph. China cabinets come in many guises, and you can generally choose between a wooden back and a mirror back. Some people find the reflection of their china in the mirror to be too much for them, although it can make a small room look larger.

The Liberty dining room Messina Estates china cabinet is 83 inches high, 64 wide and 20 deep, so is a significant piece of furniture for the larger dining room or medium living room. It comes in the form of a separate china hutch and buffet unit, and is fitted with glass shelves and a mirrored back. It comes with touch lighting on the hutch and server, and two 18 inch leaves.

Like all furniture, it has to be seen to be understood, but this is a magnificent piece of furniture with beautifully carved acanthus leaf detailing at the top border above the glass doors. If it is just a buffet you want, then Ashley makes a lovely example in the Louden dining room buffet. This is just short of 40 inches high and 50 wide, and finished in veneered hardwood. It is a simple design, suitable for most decorative styles. There is also a china hutch to suit if you need one.

Dining Room Servers

The Intercon dining room server is 5 ft long by 35 inches high and 17 deep, and looks good in a rustic style of dining room or kitchen. It is constructed using rubber wood, and finished in either black or white.

The British Isles server by America can be used as a buffet or just for storage of crockery, etc. It comes with two drawers and doors, and also a wine bottle rack and wine glass rack. There are many other servers available, and most will match other furniture in the collection. However, if you are seeking real homely china cabinets, buffets and credenzas, then Paula Deen delivers.

Paula Deen Cabinets and Credenzas

Paula Deen is well known for her TV shows, and she has put her name to a range of furniture manufactured by Universal. Her Home Buffet in the Steel Magnolia range offers an optional hutch and is available in a choice of finishes. She also offers a 67 inch long credenza, the Hostess Credenza, with three doors and drawers. You can also purchase an optional open hutch, suitable for storing crockery but also good for ornaments, candles and so on.

In fact, Paula Deen offers a whole range of sideboards and kitchen and dining room cabinets of many different types. White is a favorite color, although other finishes are available if needed.

When choosing china cabinets and buffets for your dining room, make sure you understand the room available to you. Many people find it difficult to visualize how a piece of showroom furniture will fit into their home, and often overestimate the size of their room. You can avoid this by measuring the dimensions and noting what is still available and already used by other furniture.

Even better would be to use an online room planner – you will find that many furniture stores offer a room planner on their website. You can then insert your room dimensions, and place scaled thumbnails of the furniture into the planner to see how it all fits. This is just as important for china cabinets and buffets as it is for any other type of home furniture.