Lighting the Bathroom – Ceiling Lights Or Pendants?

While setting up a new house or renovating an existing house, one common practice is to attempt to improve the lighting system of the entire house or parts of the house. With modern pendant lighting being a fantastic choice both because of their looks and their prices, they are clear winners when compared with ceiling mounted lights. However, it may not be the case when it comes to bathroom lighting.

In fact, bathroom ceiling lights are more practical compared to pendants. The reasons for this are detailed below.

  • Extra height protects bathroom ceiling lights from electrical hazards: When you or your family is in the bathroom, you would spend a part of the time taking a shower. The shower water will definitely be focused in the right direction, but as you physically move, droplets of the water would fly around. If you use a pendant light, then that brings the electrical circuit much closer to the level of your head. This would lead to a much higher chance of the droplets of water finding their way inside the pendant lights. Water is a conductor of electricity. Hence the event of water droplets entering pendant would create a risk of short circuits. With the ceiling lights being at a much greater height, chances of such mishaps are practically eliminated.
  • Challenge in usability for pendants: Using the bathroom freely in terms of unrestricted movements may become a challenge if you do not install the pendant properly. In particular, you may find wiping your head off in a standing position to be a difficult proposition if there is a low-hanging pendant light around. Bathroom ceilings are lower in many houses. This makes installing higher pendant lighting inherently difficult. Additionally, if your bathroom ceiling is high enough and you end up installing a high pendant, it almost resembles a protruding ceiling light. You shall find protruding ceiling lights with better designs and comparable prices compared to smaller pendant light fixtures. Hence, installing a bathroom ceiling light makes sense in such a scenario.
  • Corner pendant installation is tougher: The fixture may need to be installed at a corner if you opt for pendant lighting. But then, the number of permissible designs is immediately thwarted and also the installation becomes limited by the geometrical radius of the pendant. This makes installing corner pendant lights a challenge. Yes, activities that require wash-basin lighting and looking-glass activities would require a light to exist close by. A bathroom ceiling light thus becomes almost an obvious choice.

So when it comes to overhauling the old lighting system and installing a new one for the rest of the house, pendant lights are a great choice. But when it comes to bathroom lighting, it is always recommendable to go for ceiling lighting rather than pendants.

Tips to Choosing a High Quality Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers have been around for many years and offer a sense of elegance, sophistication and style. Years ago they were found in luxury mansions and homes; today they are used in homes throughout the world, adding that special something and that focal point in the room.

These lighting solutions is used in just about any room from the entrance to the stairwell and the living room to dining room or bedroom. There are certain important factors you need to take into consideration when buying crystal chandeliers to make sure that you are buying a high quality item that will give you years of enjoyment and blend into your room design, enhancing the space and becoming the centrepiece in the room.

The first step to choosing any high quality crystal chandelier is to set yourself a budget. These lighting sources range in price and you can soon find yourself going over budget. With a set budget in mind you can find the options available and decide if they will work in your space.

The next step is to look at the overall design of your room. This can help you find the style of the crystal chandelier you are looking for. Remember in a modern room you want a high quality crystal chandelier that has a modern twist.

If you are renovating an older home, then a more traditional lighting solution will work beautifully in the space, keeping with the original designs and giving the room a new lease on life.

You need to look very closely at the space. A large crystal chandelier in a smaller room will be too overpowering, while a smaller option in a larger room will look dwarfed and out-of-place.

You need to work with the space carefully, ensuring that you choose the right size chandelier to work with the space, enhancing the design of the room and creating a spectacular focal point that you are proud of.

Take a close look at the crystals. High quality crystal chandeliers are made from a variety of crystals, each one offering their own unique design and style. You can choose from Swarovski crystals to Italian or Egyptian crystals. Take a close look to make sure the option you choose with blend seamlessly into the space.

Consider the maintenance the chandelier will need. Obviously one that has a large volume of pendants and is creatively designed will be harder to clean than one that has a simpler design.

Remember when it comes to high quality crystal chandeliers each crystal has cleaned individually to ensure they give that spectacular sparkle when you turn on the lights. They can become dusty quickly, so set up a maintenance routine to ensure your lights are always the centre of attention in a positive way.

Ceiling height is a very important factor to take into consideration when choosing a crystal chandelier. Many chandeliers can hang quite low so you need to ensure it is adjustable, enabling you to choose the height of the light so it doesn’t compromise how you can use the room.

When hanging the item over a dining table, you can go slightly lower than if you were hanging it in the living or bedroom. You will also be able to hang the chandelier lower on a stairwell where you can to make an impact to if you were hanging it in the entrance hall.

The last and very important step when buying a high quality crystal chandelier is to ensure it comes with a warranty. A warranty can give you much-needed peace of mind when investing in such a beautiful and high quality lighting solution.

Choose the Best Dining Room Chandelier

What to Consider

Chandeliers can be chosen depending on a few easily gauged factors. First, the size of the room where the chandelier is to be installed needs to be assessed. Large dining halls can accommodate grand chandeliers while smaller cozier rooms would look great with small and medium chandeliers. Second, consider the planned color and decor scheme of the dining room. So home buyers should choose chandeliers with suitable designs and color finish in the metal and glass parts. Compared to the bulky, high maintenance fixtures of previous years, modern chandeliers are much lighter thanks to the use of LEDs and lighter metal parts. Based on the size, chandeliers are classified as small and miniature chandeliers, medium chandeliers, large chandeliers and grand and custom chandeliers.

Small and Miniature Chandeliers

These hanging lights are suitable for illuminating hallways, patios and dining room nooks. These hanging lights can be installed singly or as multiple sets. The best models are from Hubbardton Forge, Northeast Lantern, Hudson Valley, Framburg and Seagull among others. The small sized chandeliers also come in a variety of styles like baroque, contemporary and rustic and are made of eclectic materials like iron, steel, wood and natural stone screens. Some of the popular small and miniature models are Clifton by Hudson Valley, Bentley by Troy Lighting, Warwick by Framburg and Malibu by Murray Feiss. Many firms also offer downsized variants of their large models, so homebuyers should also ask around for the mini versions of their favorite large chandeliers.

Medium Chandeliers

Medium chandeliers are characterized by a wide variety of light sources. They range from three- light, four-light and five-light models going all the way up to 10-arm chandeliers. Medium chandeliers can be installed both in dining rooms and in entryways with tall ceilings. Some of the popular models are Alpine, Bolton and Yorktown ranges by Hudson Valley, Rialto, Manor House and Sussex by Seagull Lighting, Carmel, Dartmouth and Evergreen by Arroyo Craftsman, Madeira, Ethan and Cascade by Murray Feiss and Paradox, Raiden and Salon Grand by Minka Lavery.

Large Chandeliers

Large chandeliers are suitable as the focal lighting decor element in a large dining room. These chandeliers are often multi-tier creations where form is prized as much as function. Traditional and contemporary designs are available in plenty here. The most popular models are Jefferson by Hudson Valley, Sarabande and Baroness by Framburg and Malia and Caprice by Murray Feiss.

Grand and Custom Chandeliers

Grand chandeliers are the crème de la crème of hanging lights. The design features intricate metalwork and a huge array of lights sources. Custom chandeliers are even more intricate and are often produced as one-off pieces on a firm order. Czarina by Framburg, Maarid by Murray Feiss and Aston Court by Minka Lavery are three of the most popular grand chandelier designs.